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There are a number of taxidermy trade magazines currently published for the taxidermy industry. These magazines are valuable resources to veteran taxidermists, as well as hobbyists who would like to increase their knowledge. Because of the specific nature of the magazines, they are only offered on a subscription basis; you will not find them in stores. These magazines feature the most up-to-date taxidermy technology, new products, many color reference photos, and much more!

Breakthrough Magazine features informative articles on a variety of taxidermy techniques, as well as full color wildlife reference photos, and useful information on subjects such as fish carving, tanning, & convention coverage. Breakthrough also offers access to a wide variety of reference books and video tapes, and provides information on the latest trade tools and suplies available. With over 150 pages per issue, this inspiring and educational tool has the largest circulation of all taxidermy trade journals. This magazine appropriately touts itself as “The Magazine Devoted to the Serious Wildlife Artist” and is published four times per year. For taxidermists who are continually looking to improve upon their skills, Breakthrough is an indespensable tool.

Truly dedicated to promoting the wonderful art of taxidermy, Breakthrough Magazine is the sponsor of the annual World Taxidermy Championships, as well as the World Fish Carving Championships.

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Taxidermy Today is published six times a year. An excellent taxidermist’s trade journal, this how-to magazine features step by step instruction from the top pros in the industry. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional taxidermist, Taxidermy Today has valuable information you can use! From detailed articles on mounting techniques, to sources of the newest & best tools and materials to get the job done, there is truly something for everyone. A subscription to Taxidermy Today is possibly one of the best taxidermy resources you will ever use. Each issue averages approximately 120 pages, with vivid full color photographs throughout.

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North American Taxidermy News is a distinctive periodical, focusing on taxidermy convention coverage, and association news. Printed on newsprint, it features pictures of hundreds of winning entries from state and national taxidermy shows all over America. Its also contains taxidermy how-to articles, tips and product reviews. Published three times a year, it averages about 90 pages. Members of affiliated state taxidermy associations receive a free subscription.

Subscription rates are: $15.00 for one year (3 issues) or FREE to affiliated state taxidermy association members.

Subscriptions may be ordered via telephone at:1-800-833-2699, or by mail at:

North American Taxidermy News
P. O. Box 529
Anna, IL 62906-0529.
For questions, please call (618) 833-2158.

Outlook Magazine is the official publication of the National Taxidermists Association, the largest taxidermy association in the world. Published six times a year, outlook features association news, convention highlights, tips and how-to articles, and legislative information. Outlook averages 32 pages per issue, except for the Annual Report issue which is 64 pages. All members of the National Taxidermists Association receive a free subscription with their membership. The editor is Cindy Crain.

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