Taxidermy School Graduates and Testimonials

We try to keep the following list of taxidermy school graduates and their business links as up to date as possible. Please contact us of you are a graduate with updated info for this list.

Graduates Town State Graduate Websites
Bradley LeBaron Las Vegas Nv Coot’s Taxidermy
Dwight Curtis Troy Id Curtis Taxidermy, LLC
Betty Putnam Seattle Wa Custodio Taxidermy
Kirsten Liebendorfer Carson City NV KB Skulls Taxidermy
Allis Markham Los Angeles CA Prey Taxidermy
Emily Huntington Richland WA Finish the Hunt Taxidermy
Sam Cahoy
White SD Wild Things Taxidermy
Kain Vanover Huntington IN Rising Phoenix Taxidermy Studio
Louie Avila Yuma AZ Bigmouth Bass Taxidermy
Kevin Burdick Auburn CA Wildlife Memories Taxidermy
Eric Reed Manson WA Fins, Fur, Feathers Taxidermy
Adam VandenOever Post Falls ID Elusive Creatures Taxidermy Website
Mel Johnson Hiko NV Mel’s Taxidermy
Daniel Olford Kennewick WA Three River’s Taxidermy

Taxidermy School Graduates Resources

Taxidermy Licensing: For taxidermy licensing, look up the Fish & Game Department (or similar) in your state. Just as there is a division within your state that issues hunting licenses, there is also a division that issues taxidermy licenses. You can easily find it by googling the name of your state, along with a phrase such as “taxidermy licenses”.

If you are a graduate of our taxidermy training program and do not see your website listing on this page, please contact us with your web address. We will be happy to add it to our list!

Taxidermy School Graduates; Testimonials

We greatly appreciate the following unsolicited reference letters from these graduates.
If you would like to speak with some of our graduates in person, please let us know and we will provide you with contact information.

We received the following recommendation from Carla Sampels on our ATTC Facebook page, shortly after her May 2109 graduation:

Great training! loved the class. The 6 weeks went by so fast. Very happy with all my work I got to bring home! Montana was amazing! I had so much fun!

We received the following email from Kathi Henson shortly after her graduation:

Hi Steve, Ro & Norman

I had a good trip home. My family is totally impressed with the mounts I did. They have alot of projects they want me to do. I looked at all the mounts I have and they are just commercial mounts they don’t have all the detail that you taught me. I’m also set up with Sue for tanning and rug making. A big thank you Steve, your instruction will help me have a successful business. Give Norman a hug.


Kathi Henson

We received this great email from graduate Chris Campbell:

Hi Steve and Ro,

Over this past weekend we had our Idaho Taxidermy Assn Convention, there were over 100 mounts at the show and just wanted to pass on the good news to you guys. My results were;

2 blue ribbons (one for a whitetail and one for my lifesize mink)
4 red ribbons (pheasant, bass, mallard drake, and whitetail)

In addition to those, at the banquet I was awarded the “McKenzie Taxidermy Supply Taxidermist’s Choice Best Whitetail Award Idaho 2011″…. What a huge honor for my first show!!!! I went in not expecting anything and came away with alot more than I ever imagined.

Just wanted to say thanks again and I couldn’t have done it without the training I received and the importance of focusing on detail!!!!

Thanks again,
Chris Campbell
In Your Sights Taxidermy

Email from graduate, Eric Kallis:

Hi Steve and Roe.

This is Eric Kallis in Kalispell. Just giving you guys a update on my progress. I have completed my life size sheep mount and it turned out excellent! Just finished up two wolf mounts for the Tribe in Ronan. I have had an excellent year for new clients and appreciate all you guys taught me. The quality of work is starting to pay off. All my customers have been very happy. I am doing some mounts that I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to do this early in my career. Thanks for all you both have done for me and my business!

This raccoon mount was completed in class by ATTC student, Jared DeLaite. After graduation, he took it to the Maine Taxidermy Show & Competition. It took first place, as well as ‘Best Lifesize’, ‘Best of Show’ and numerous other awards. This was just one of Jared’s successes, as he won a few awards on other pieces as well.

Along with the photo, Jared sent us the following note:

Steve & Ro,

This is the Raccoon I mounted at school…. I learned so much in class, it was awesome. Can’t wait for my shop to be going full time. Probably will happen sometime next year. 

Thanks Again,
Jared Delaite

Email received graduate, Brad Wirgau:

Good morning,

I was just thinking about you guys as I walk into my shop this morning, I can’t begin to tell what a great feeling that is to walk into my own taxidermy shop and see my display hanging on the wall. I just want to thank you guys for the great experience that you have taught me. After 7 months of being done with school I finally got my shop all done and already have started working on mounts. I had to turn down several deer as well as other animals (had to tell people to wait and give me time it’s just going to take a bit, word gets out in a small town especially when your well known) just due to the fact of getting everything together (license, supplies, shop, etc.) As far as mounts goes I finished up three pheasants and cape out two deer and a coyote. I am real excited to see what this summer and next hunting season brings me. I plan on visiting good old Thompson Falls this summer so when I do I will stop by and say “hello”. Thanks for all your support and patient that you had with us, God bless!

Attach is a photo of my display I have at my shop!

Brad Wirgau
Tall Tales Taxidermy
Paris, TN 38242

And here is an additional email received from Brad a few months later:

Well Steve looks like your school paid off. Went to my first competition show (TTA) in Chapel Hill, TN and did really well. I will have to say I was SHOCKED when I walked into the show area and saw all five of my mounts that I had enter with a ribbon on them. Just wanted to keep you guys updated and that Tall Tales Taxidermy has a Great Career ahead due to your school. Thanks again for the hard work and putting up with me…..

Brad Wirgau

We hope these graduates testimonials are helpful as you consider attending our taxidermy school.

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