The staff at ATTC consists of myself, (Steve Fundum), and my wife, Ro Fundum.

We have been practicing commercial as well as competition level taxidermy since the early 1980’s, and have seen many advancements in the profession. The first class we taught was in in 1987, and we were hooked! Since then we have developed & perfected many of our own taxidermy trade secrets. We regularly attend seminars in order to examine the techniques of the top taxidermy experts in the world. We are constantly improving upon our teaching methods to reflect the ever improving taxidermy techniques available. To learn competition level taxidermy, it is important to learn from an award winning taxidermist. Steve has won awards as the state, regional, and national levels, as well as the coveted Wasco Award.

In 1994 we expanded our interests to include wildlife sculpting, and have successfully marketed a collection of bronzed wildlife art. Our experience in sculpting has added fresh quality to our taxidermy skills, by further increasing our awareness of anatomical accuracy. We feel fortunate to have earned many top awards with our taxidermy work. It is fulfilling to have discovered such a successful and creative outlet for our love of wildlife.


Our facility is conveniently located on our residential property, just a stone’s throw away from our home. The working area of our shop consists of:

  • 1400 s.f. of classroom area on the main floor, plus a 480 s.f. painting/finishing/drying area
  • A showroom, a salting/freezer room, and storage/drying rooms
  • There is approximately 240 s.f. of additional storage upstairs, but everything pertaining to student training is conveniently located on the main floor
  • Each student has a minimum of 5 ft of table space, as well as ample floor space

We are equipped with all the modern tools & equipment necessary to run an efficient taxidermy studio. In addition, you will receive your own set of personal tools to keep. The tools in your kit are the types of tools you will use often enough that you need your own set, as sharing would be a hindrance. The tools are included in your tuition.

For more information on our taxidermy school, please call 406-531-3451.