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ATTC Tuition for 2018 Taxidermy Classes

2018 Tuition Amount
Minus Enrollment Fee
Due with Application.
Equals Tuition Balance
Due on 1st day of Class.
Full Six-Week Course
Two Week Gamehead Course $3,595.00 $700.00 $2,895.00

Tuition for our Six Week Training Course is $6,295. Tuition for the Two Week Mammal Course is $3,595.

Tuition includes everything, from specimens, antlers, mannikins, habitat, & tools, down to notebooks and pens for taking notes! Your only extra expenses will be for travel, meals, and housing. You will return home with many beautiful mounts, giving you a great showroom from the start! If you add up what it would cost to have all of your class projects mounted by your local taxidermist, factor in the cost of the hides and skins, then add the fact that you're getting a great education on top of it, you'll see that our tuition price is extremely reasonable!

You will also be provided with business forms that we have developed specifically for the use of commercial taxidermists who wish to have a simple, time saving method of record keeping.

To Enroll, simply print out the enrollment application, and send it in with your deposit amount. We do not take credit cards, but personal checks are fine. We highly recommend calling us before you send in your paperwork, to make sure there is an opening available in the class of your choice!

Please see our Schedule Page for dates our courses are offered.

Included Specimens

All specimens are included in your tuition. For the gamehead requirements, whitetail will usually be provided. For those of you who live in antelope or mule deer country, we may have those available also. For the two week Gamehead Course, a bear (for open mouth mount) will be provided in addition to the antlered gamehead. For the rug and lifesize mammal requirement, specimens are usually raccoon, bobcat, fox, mink, or coyote. Students will not have to do the same mammal for both the rug and lifesize. Birds provided will be rooster pheasants and drake mallards. For full course students, fish will include a trout for the cold water specimen, a bass or pike for the warm water specimen, and a fiberglass reproduction, for a total of three fish mounts.
Because of the advanced nature of our course, we only use top quality specimens. Most taxidermy competition judges will agree that inferior specimens do not encourage the highest scores. If you would like to provide any of your own specimens, please contact us ahead of time so you can send your specimen to us for pre-approval. If approved, you will receive the appropriate credit towards your tuition.


Deposit Refunds: In order to reduce cancellations, all deposits are nonrefundable. We encourage you to be certain you are able to attend our taxidermy course before sending in your enrollment application and deposit. When a student does have to cancel, the following scenario is common;
The student calls us and gives his/her reason for cancelling. Every student who cancels is always under the impression that their reason is valid enough to warrant a refund. Simply put, it would not be fair to refund some deposits, but not others. This is why there are no exceptions to our "no refund" policy. This may sound harsh, but please understand that when you enroll we reserve a spot for you. This means no one else can take your spot. We order specimens and supplies based on our upcoming enrollments. And most importantly, if deposits were refunded every time a person had to cancel, that would contradict the very reason for the deposit.
We realize emergencies do arise however, so here is our compromise; If you have to cancel, we will apply your deposit towards another class (within one year of the original booking) if the following conditions are met:
1. We are able to fill your class to our six student capacity.
You send in an additional deposit equal to the original deposit amount.
Both deposit amounts are then credited towards the tuition of the rescheduled class. In the past, we have had students who just kept cancelling, then reapplying the same original deposit to the next class. We have implemented the "additional deposit" policy to prevent this. It is required each time a student switches classes. It is in your best interest to let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel. This will allow us more time to fill the class, which will satisfy requirement #1 above. In order to reduce class vacancies, there are no exceptions to the above rules.
Bottom line, please be sure of your plans to attend our taxidermy school before you send in your deposit!

Tuition Refunds: In the event a student is unable to complete a class, the tuition refund will be pro-rated according to the date of cancellation, minus the deposit amount, and the amount of supplies used. The date of cancellation will be the day ATTC receives written notice that the student can no longer attend the course. No refund will be issued to students who complete at least 2 weeks (33%) of the class.

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