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ATTC Staff, Facility, & Overview

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As owner & operator of ATTC, I would like to welcome you and introduce myself, (Steve Fundum), and my wife, Ro Fundum.
We have been practicing commercial as well as competition level taxidermy since the early 1980's, and have seen many advancements in the profession. We first began teaching in 1987, and throughout the years we have developed & perfected many of our own taxidermy trade secrets. We continually attend shows and seminars in order to examine the techniques of some of the top taxidermy experts in the world. We are constantly improving upon our teaching methods to reflect the ever improving taxidermy techniques available. To learn competition level taxidermy, it is important to learn from an award winning taxidermist. Steve has won awards as the state, regional, and national levels, as well as the coveted Wasco Award.

In 1994 we expanded our interests to include wildlife sculpting, and have successfully created and marketed a variety of bronzed wildlife art. Our experience in sculpting has added a new quality to our taxidermy skills, by further increasing our awareness of anatomical accuracy. We feel very fortunate to have earned many top awards with our taxidermy work, and are pleased to have discovered such a successful and creative outlet for our love of wildlife.

Our facility is conveniently located on our residential property, just a stone's throw away from our home. The working area of our shop consists of 1400 s.f. of classroom area on the main floor, as well as a 480 s.f. painting/finishing/drying area, a showroom, a salting/freezer room, and storage/drying rooms. There is approximately 240 s.f. of additional storage upstairs, but everything pertaining to student training is conveniently located on the main floor. Each student has a minimum of 5 ft of table space, as well as ample floor space.

We are equipped with all the modern tools & equipment necessary to run an efficient taxidermy studio. In addition, you will receive your own set of personal tools to keep. The tools in your kit are the types of tools you will use often enough that you need your own set, as sharing would be a hindrance. The tools are included in your tuition.

The Advanced Taxidermy Training Center of NW Montana offers a Complete Taxidermy Course lasting six weeks, and a selection of Specialty Courses lasting two weeks each. The following information simply lists the advantages of each type of course. For details on what is actually included in each course, please see our Course Info page.

The Complete Six Week Course has the following advantages:

  • Learn all major specialties of taxidermy in one course (Gameheads, Lifesize, Rugs, Birds, Fish, Habitat, etc.).
  • Cost: The tuition for our Six Week course is more economical (cost per day) than the combined totals of taking separate Partial Courses.
  • Get your training in all at once, rather than having to come back for another course.
  • When you graduate, you will leave with the skills to professionally mount any specimen that comes through your door!
  • More earning potential; When you have the skill to mount any specimen, you will not have to turn work away.

The Two Specialty Courses have the following advantages:

  • Choosing an area of focus, or specialty: You can pick and choose which category of taxidermy you would like to learn. For example if you live in a great fishing or bird hunting area and you mainly want to specialize in birds & fish taxidermy, the Two Week Bird & Fish Course would be a great place to start. Likewise if you live in an area with great deer, antelope, elk, and/or moose hunting, and want to focus mainly on Gameheads in your business, the Two Week Gamehead Course is a great one to start with.
  • Easier to manage for those with time restrictions or financial restrictions.
  • Part Timers: Specializing in one or two specific areas of taxidermy works out well for the person who wants to just work part time. If you later decide to dive in more completely, you can always come back and take some of the training that you missed out on the first time.

No matter which course you choose, all of our classes utilize advanced techniques, enabling you to produce customer mounts that are of competition quality. Our class size is limited to a maximum of eight students, to ensure plenty of personal attention. We call our taxidermy courses "advanced", because we teach procedures that go beyond those commonly used in commercial taxidermy. These procedures allow us to guarantee every customer mount for life, and you will be able to do the same!

Over the years, we have taught hundreds of students from all over the world. During this time, we have continued to update our techniques to reflect the ever improving variety of taxidermy methods available. Our courses are presented in an organized manner that even the novice will understand. We have a 'do it till its right' philosophy. Nothing is considered finished until we have made sure every last detail for each and every student mount has been completed and approved. You will learn to use nictating membranes, artificial septums, and many other tools that can make the difference between a mediocre mount and an award winning taxidermy work of art! You will use an official competition score sheet throughout the entire mounting process. This helps you to pay attention to the important details that will set you apart from your competitors! These are just a few examples of the advanced nature of our taxidermy training program.

We work full days Monday through Friday, and additional time will be scheduled if needed.
We supply all of the specimens, supplies, and habitat materials needed to complete your projects. We supply you with your own set of tools that are yours to keep when you leave. If you are asking yourself just what you do need to bring to class, the answer is nothing! We even supply notebooks and pens for taking notes! All these things are included in your tuition. Aside from tuition, you only need to pay for your travel, meals, and housing.

A large part of competition level taxidermy, is using competition quality specimens. We do not purchase what some taxidermy suppliers like to call "student specimens". If you would like to use any of your own taxidermy specimens, you need to send them to us prior to class for pre-approval. If approved, an appropriate credit will be applied towards your taxidermy course tuition.

Finally, we teach in an enjoyable atmosphere, where not a moment of training time is wasted! Although every minute is important, our schedule actually allows you to have fun learning taxidermy! Our small classes flow very smoothly, as you do not have to contend with 'wait time', when you have questions that need to be answered. And since you learn mostly by doing (rather than a lot of watching), the information and taxidermy skills you practice will soon become second nature! To see photos of an actual class in progress, please click here.

So ask yourself .....Are you looking for a taxidermy school with experienced, award winning instructors who have produced hundreds of successful taxidermists & competition winners? Well, we produce successful taxidermists, and we produce winners! If you are looking for this type of success in your search for taxidermy schools, and if you are serious about learning taxidermy techniques that will put you well ahead of the competition then please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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