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10 Saleesh Drive | Thompson Falls, Montana, 59873
We try to keep the status of openings updated, but please call before sending in your deposit, just to make sure a spot is available!!

Upcoming Classes Dates Offered
Complete Course; 6 week Winter
1/29/18 - 3/9/18 (Class in Progress)
Complete Course; 6 week Spring
4/2/18 - 5/11/18 (Pending Full)
Complete Course; 6 week Summer
6/4/18 - 7/13/18 (Confirmed Full....waiting list only)
Specialty Bird/Fish Course: Two Week
8/6/18 - 8/17/18 (Openings available)
Specialty Gamehead Course: Two Week
Dates Pending

Our Six Week Full Taxidermy Course is offered 3 times per year. For those of you who wish to specialize, or have time restrictions, we also offer a couple of 2 week Specialty Courses. These courses are generally offered once each summer, and are scheduled based on interest.
Please call before sending in your deposit and enrollment application, to make sure there are openings in the class you wish to attend. This is especially important for classes that show only one or two spots available. It may be that other deposits for those spots are already on their way. We do not update the site until the enrollment application and deposit actually arrive. When you send in your deposit, we will put a temporary hold on your spot for you. The hold becomes permanent when we receive your enrollment.
If you're not sure what time of year you'd like to attend, the information below may help you decide:

Late Winter Course: Many students ask what Montana winters are like. Rest assured, Montana is not the frigid ice land that some folks imagine it to be. We are located west of the continental divide, where the winters are milder. Yes, it can be cold and snowy but in over 20 years of teaching we have never once had to cancel or delay a day of class due to weather. We are located on a school bus route, so roads are maintained very regularly. If you would like to attend our Winter Course, our only suggestion is that you allow an extra day for your drive to Montana, in case you run into weather delays on your way out. Our Winter Course is great for those with seasonal jobs, who may be able to take a few week off during that time of year. Winter is also the perfect time to get your taxidermy training in, as you will have plenty of time before hunting season to get your business up and running once you get home. And while you're here you can enjoy lower housing rates, as well as ice fishing, show shoeing, & daily views of spectacular snow-capped mountains!

Spring Course: Spring in Montana is a wonderful time to enjoy the fresh pine scented air, and rushing streams from winter snow-melt. Weather becomes milder, and spring bear & turkey hunting is in full swing. If you would like to combine your schooling with some springtime hunting, please visit, then click on "Seasons" and "Licenses & Permits' for information on exact dates and license fees/deadlines.

Summer Course: For those of you considering our summer course, please try to decide as early as possible. Once you enroll, you will need to arrange your housing right away. Every summer, tourists flock to our little community and motels book up quickly. If you cannot find housing at any of the listed motels, please let us know and we will assist you! Summer is a wonderful time to visit Montana. Days are long (it stays light till past 10 pm), so you will have plenty of time after class for hiking, fishing, and sightseeing.

Late Summer Specialty Courses: August is a beautiful time of year in Montana. Days are mostly sunny and dry, and the air is crisp and clean! It is a great time of year to enjoy all of the same outdoor activities mentioned above during the summer months. Consider staying on longer to get some fall hunting in after class is over!

Class hours are weekdays from 8:00-5:00, with 30 minute lunch breaks. (A refrigerator and microwave is available for those who wish to bring lunch to class.) You will have 45 clock hours per week, with a minimum of 270 total clock hours for the Six Week Course, and minimum of 90 total clock hours for the Two Week Course. If overtime is necessary, we may work an hour or two extra per day throughout the week, rather than ruin your weekend by having you come in on Saturday!

We try to arrange our schedule so that no major holidays occur during classes. In the event a holiday does occur during class, (4th of July & Labor Day, etc.) no time will be taken off and class will take place as scheduled.

Many of our students ask about spending extra time after class for additional training. Although we admire this type of enthusiasm, our school does not offer extended training in the evenings, unless we feel it is absolutely necessary. Our taxidermy teaching experience has taught us that it is necessary for students to have their evenings free in order to allow information to sink in, and also to avoid taxidermy 'overload'. Our curriculum is very well balanced, and combines intense hands-on training, with just the right amount of off-time!
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