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Student Photos, Mini Courses (Click here to see our Full Course Photo Page.)

Graduates, 2014 Aug/Sept Three Week Course:

Congratulations, Keith Hoistad, Juan Galindo, Suzy Berhow, Ken Deneef, Tim Young, and Dan Cantrell!
It was a pleasure working with you all, and we can't wait to see your new talents in action!

Taxidermy class Sept 2014 Taxidermy school graduates, Sept 2014

Prior Years Mini Course Graduates:

BELOW LEFT: Natalie Simpson & Craig Westbrook, putting final touches on their pheasants.
BELOW RIGHT: Don Swindle, Jesse Johnson, and Clint Hogan prepping their reproduction fish prior to airbrushing. Everyone did an awesome job!
pheasant taxidermy fish taxidermy
Below, From left to right:
Christi Layman, Dusty Morford, Dwight Curtis, Clint Hogan

Spring 2011 Bird Class

From left to right:
Spencer Allred, Zach Draper, Joey Nolen, Sam Akers, Jory Hearne, Rob Erikson
gamehead taxidermy class Sam Akers & Jory Hearne loading up.
loading up

Dwight Curtis, Karen Hanes, Larry Hanes, Allis Markham, Not pictured: Dave Porter
Summer Econo Class
Summer Econo Class

Gamehead taxidermy Gamehead taxidermy
Eric Kallis
Don Swindle
Gamehead taxidermy Gamehead taxidermy
Chris Wilder
Virgil Wilder

Mallard Mallard
Eric Kallis Mike Butcher
Pheasant Pheasant
Pheasant, taped for drying. Pheasant, dried w/most tape removed
Mule Deer Mule Deer Mule Deer
Mike Butcher Rick Pullen Ron Pullen
Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail

For more photos of graduates that may not be pictured here, please check our featured graduates pages.

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