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Reference Letters:
We greatly appreciate the following unsolicited reference letters from these graduates: If you would like to speak with some of our graduates in person, please let us know and we will provide you with contact information.

| Jared Delaite | Chris Campbell | Eric Kallis | Brad Wirgau | Tony Graft | Cody Burson | Eric Reed | Dan Feaga | Justin Evans | Kathi Henson | Shawn Carrell | Marty Silva | Randy Panter |

Raccon by Jared Delaite
This raccoon mount was completed in class by ATTC student, Jared DeLaite. After graduation, he took it to the Maine Taxidermy Show & Competition. It took first place, as well as 'Best Lifesize', ‘Best of Show’ and numerous other awards. This was just one of Jared's successes, as he won a few awards on other pieces as well.

Along with the photo, Jared sent us the following note In October 2013:

Steve & Ro,

This is the Raccoon I mounted at school.... I learned so much in class, it was awesome. Can’t wait for my shop to be going full time. Probably will happen sometime next year.
Thanks Again, Jared Delaite

We received this great email from graduate Chris Campbell on June 15, 2011:

Chris Campbell Taxidermy
Hi Steve and Ro,

Over this past weekend we had our Idaho Taxidermy Assn Convention, there were over 100 mounts at the show and just wanted to pass on the good news to you guys. My results were;

2 blue ribbons (one for a whitetail and one for my lifesize mink)
4 red ribbons (pheasant, bass, mallard drake, and whitetail)

In addition to those, at the banquet I was awarded the "McKenzie Taxidermy Supply Taxidermist's Choice Best Whitetail Award Idaho 2011".... What a huge honor for my first show!!!! I went in not expecting anything and came away with alot more than I ever imagined.
Just wanted to say thanks again and I couldn't have done it without the training I received and the importance of focusing on detail!!!!

Thanks again,
Chris Campbell
In Your Sights Taxidermy

Eric KallisEmail from 2010 graduate, Eric Kallis, rec'd 2/25/11:

Hi Steve and Roe. This is Eric Kallis in Kalispell. Just giving you guys a update on my progress. I have completed my life size sheep mount and it turned out excellent! Just finished up two wolf mounts for the Tribe in Ronan. I have had an excellent year for new clients and appreciate all you guys taught me. The quality of work is starting to pay off. All my customers have been very happy. I am doing some mounts that I didn't think I was going to get a chance to do this early in my career. Thanks for all you both have done for me and my business!

Email received on 2/24/11 from Summer 2010 graduate, Brad Wirgau:

Good morning,

I was just thinking about you guys as I walk into my shop this morning, I can't begin to tell what a great feeling that is to walk into my own taxidermy shop and see my display hanging on the wall. I just want to thank you guys for the great experience that you have taught me. After 7 months of being done with school I finally got my shop all done and already have started working on mounts. I had to turn down several deer as well as other animals (had to tell people to wait and give me time it's just going to take a bit, word gets out in a small town especially when your well known) just due to the fact of getting everything together (license, supplies, shop, etc.) As far as mounts goes I finished up three pheasants and cape out two deer and a coyote. I am real excited to see what this summer and next hunting season brings me. I plan on visiting good old Thompson Falls this summer so when I do I will stop by and say "hello". Thanks for all your support and patient that you had with us, God bless!
Brad Sirgau winning mounts

Attach is a photo of my display I have at my shop!


Brad Wirgau
Tall Tales Taxidermy
Paris, TN 38242

And here is an additional email received from Brad on 6/6/11:

Well Steve looks like your school paid off. Went to my first competition show (TTA) in Chapel Hill, TN and did really well. I will have to say I was SHOCKED when I walked into the show area and saw all five of my mounts that I had enter with a ribbon on them. Just wanted to keep you guys updated and that Tall Tales Taxidermy has a Great Career ahead due to your school. Thanks again for the hard work and putting up with me.....Brad Wirgau

On 2/18/11, we received the following email from Tony Graft who graduated four years ago in Feb.07!

taxidermy school graduate, Tony GraftHello Steve,

Tony Graft here from Manitoba,Canada. Thinking of your school and thought I would send a note that might encourage your students. I have had customers give me their business after using other taxidermists for many years, based on the amount of detail I put into my mounts. They are saying they have not seen mounts with so much detail, and looking so life-like. I must pat myself on the back and tell you that my Whitetail mounts are amazing! Am really enjoying mounting Fish also Big Manitoba Walleye 30 inch plus! Your school has taught me great techniques that has definitely put my mounts as competition quality! Thanks Steve!....Tony Graft

Best in Class Lifesize TaxidermyWe received this email from Cody Burson July 6, 2010. Cody entered the mink he did in class in the Nebraska State Taxidermy Competition and this is what he had to say:


Just wanted to tell you that I went to my first Nebraska State Taxidermists Competition and Convention June 25-27, 2010. I entered my mink in the Amateur Adult, and won best life size mammal in my class. Thank you so much for all your help. Right now I am working on my shop. Hopefully in about 2 weeks it will be up and running, as of right know I have 2 fish and a deerhead that people want me to mount.

Thanks again, Cody Burson

Eric Reed first place whitetailWe received the following email update from Eric onEric reed Montana Fish & Game Award 3/10/09
(original email just below):

Steve and Ro,

Just wanted to let you know that this past weekend at the Montana Taxidermy Show I received a blue ribbon in the professional division and on top of that was awarded the Montana Fish and Game choice award. Its hard to believe it has only been a year since I took your course. Thanks again!

Eric Reed

We received the following email from Eric Reed just after his experience at the 2008 Oregon Taxidermy Show.

Eric Reed award winning mountsSteve and Ro,
Never got to tell you how great of a time I had while attending your school. Just got back from the Oregon show and did pretty good. Was told by the judge out of all the game heads in the novice division mine were hands down the best, and by giving me a couple of blue ribbons was his way of saying to next time enter in the open division. I couldn't have done it with out all the knowledge you filled my little head with. I am hooked. I also met the president of the UTA and with the UTA's help hopefully will be resurrecting the Washington's taxidermy association. thanks again!

Eric Reed
PS. All the mounts in the picture are mine and out of the five, four I did while attending your school.

We received this email from Dan Feaga a couple of months after his summer/08 graduation:

Hey guy's, I just wanted to update you with my progress. I have completed one deer so far for my uncle..... I have 2 black bears I am working on and 3 more deer I am working on also. I also have a 32 inch carp I am working on. Things are going great so far and everyone is so impressed with everything I have learned. If anyone asked me where they should go to school for this I would most definitely suggest you.
Thank You so much!
(Please click HERE to see Dan's webpage)

We received the following email from Justin Evans after he arrived home from our summer class:

Steve and Ro
I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for all the knowledge that you both gave to me. It will definitely help me in the future as my business grows. You both were great. No other schools can compare with ATTC. I am proud to tell anyone who wants to know just how great ATTC is. I am really glad that I was able to come out and attend. I know that I wouldn't have learned half as much anywhere else. The things that you taught us, all the grads, have made the difference for my new career. I know that all of us in the class will be able to be successful because of what we learned with you. Thanks again for all of your hard work for us. It is greatly appreciated.
Thanks again, Justin Evans

We received the following email from Kathi Henson shortly after her graduation.

Hi Steve, Ro & Norman

I had a good trip home. My family is totally impressed with the mounts I did. They have alot of projects they want me to do. I looked at all the mounts I have and they are just commercial mounts they don't have all the detail that you taught me. I'm also set up with Sue for tanning and rug making. A big thank you Steve, your instruction will help me have a successful business. Give Norman a hug.

Kathi Henson

The following is an email we received from Renee Carrell, the wife of graduate, Shawn Carrell:

Shawn Carrel taxidermy award for deerHi Steve, This is Renee Carrell I had to use my works email. I am writing you to let you know how Shawn is doing in taxidermy. Well of course I think he is doing wonderful! We went to the New Mexico Taxidermy Convention in Grants, New Mexico last weekend. We placed first with the Whitetail pedestal mount. We also placed best of show for the Amateur division with the deer. We placed third with the flying pheasant. I was more excited then he was. Everyone really liked his worked and we told them where he went to school. Everyone told us that your school was a wonderful place to go. We definitely agree with everyone. We have a friend that might be able to attend your school soon; Shawn really wants him to go to your school!!
Shawn has his own business already. It is called Reel Life Advanced Taxidermy. We opened it back in August. He has had a lot of business so far. He has not completed any mounts because we are waiting on the hides to get back from the tanners. We are using the tanners from Montana. He even has me working in his shop with him. I figured I would just keep you updated on Shawn.
Here are some pictures from the convention of his trophies and the mounts that he did in school.

Thanks, Renee Carrell

The next paragraph is from Marty Silva, who posted the following comments about his experience with our school
on the forums.

"I just took the 3-week mammal course at the Advanced Taxidermy Training Course and couldn't be more pleased. Steve Fundum has been teaching taxidermy for many years and it shows. Everyone in the class agreed that the quality of our work when we were done far exceeded our expectations. What is more important is we left knowing that we were capable of doing quality work on our own once we got home. If you have any questions you want answered feel free to e-mail a or call me at 208-285-3608.

You won't be disappointed.
Marty Silva"

Graduate Randy Panter, was kind enough to write the following reference letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

Randy Panter, Click to EnlargeI am a 32 year old floor covering contractor who loves to hunt and fish as much as possible. After researching on the internet and making some phone calls, I felt most comfortable with Steve Fundum at ATTC, in Thompson Falls, Montana.

I ended up over 1100 miles from home swallowed up and living the taxidermy training experience. All the specimens and some tools were provided by ATTC. The very detailed work began and all uncertainty was settled by the ability and confidence of the instructor, Steve Fundum. Step by detailed step, we learned to transform capes and foam into wildlife treasures. I was amazed how well each mount turned out by every student in class. I feel each mount was greatly intensified by the proper use and instruction of the habitat. I learned much more from this class than I ever hoped for or imagined. With a notebook full of incredible reference material and an amazing amount of hands-on training I am very confident my mounts can and will exceed the best in my area. I strongly recommend ATTC to those who are considering taxidermy training. Steve Fundum is truly a professional with terrific teaching ability. There is no way anyone could be disappointed!

Reference letter signature

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