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Week Six: 8/25/08 - 8/29/08
On Monday of week 6 students finished prepping their fish for painting. This included final touches on fin prep,
attaching cast heads to the cold water fish and final prepping on fiberglass reproductions.
Instructor then gave demonstrations on fish painting, and each student took several turns at the paint booth.
In-between turns at the paint booth, students worked on the glass cases that were assembled last week. Tape was taken off, and glass was cleaned. It was then time to finish the snow & ice scenes in the matching bases.
Once that was complete, it was a great feeling to get to put the glass top on the completed base!
Students also completed any final grooming & tweaking that needed done on their mounts.
On Friday, the fish were dry and ready for the 3 required coats of finishing gloss. Taking turns at the paint booth, they quickly completed this final step, then sat their fish out to dry. While the fish were drying, we all took a nice, relaxing lunch break. After lunch, each student posed for final photos, then worked on packing up their mounts. Finally when everything was done, students all pitched in for one last shop cleanup!
(Please click photos to enlarge, and see our Graduate photos for more pictures of these students.)
fiberglass reproduction
Prepping fiberglass reproduction.
snow scene
Applying snow on mink base.
Specimen group, Dan Feaga
Dan Feaga
Prepping skin mount trout.
rainbow trout
Tweaking head attachment.
Specimen group, Adam Lacquement
Adam Lacquement
Prepping skin mount trout.
Painting bass.
Specimen group Annette Hathaway
Annette Hathaway.
snow scene base
Prepping for snow application.
finished specimenw/habitat
Base done and ready for glass!
Specimen group, Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson.
glass case
Removing tape on secured corners.
finished glass case and mount
Glass fits great!
Specimen group, Justin Evans
Justin Evans.
Prepping fiberglass reproduction.
fish painting
Painting fiberglass reproduction.
Specimen group, Rene' Williams
Rene' Williams.
Final prep work on fish.
rainbow trout
Trout prepped and ready for paint.
Fiberglass repro ready for paint.
Fish painting demo.
Pointers on trout painting.
Fiberglass fish painting demo.
Making icicles.
Last day lunch break.
loading mounts
Loading vehicles.
securing mounts
Securing mounts for transportation.
securing mounts
Securing mounts for transportation
final clean-up
Final cleanup!.
Yay!!! Everyone did a great job and we wish them all the best!
From left to right:
Adam Lacquement, Annette Hathaway, Rene' Williams, Dan Feaga, Justin Evans, & Stephen Thompson
Summer 2008 Class Photo

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