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Week Four: 8/11/08 - 8/15/08
Students started week 4 learning how to use the airbrush, & did some preliminary airbrushing on mammals.
Instructor then gave demonstrations on bird skinning, fleshing, tanning, tumbling, positioning, mounting, and feather placement. Students followed by skinning, fleshing, & prepping pheasants & mallards for mounting.
On Friday, students mounted pheasants, and will wait until Monday to mount mallards.
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coyote rug
Airbrushing inside coyote rug mouth.
Skinning ringneck pheasant.
ringneck pheasant
Tweaking wing position.
pheasant skinning
Skinning pheasant.
Washing birds.
Positioning & feather placement.
Learning airbrushing.
ringneck skinning
Skinning ringneck.
ringneck pheasant
Wing placement.
skinning bird
Skinning out pheasant neck.
fleshing bird
Fleshing pheasant.
Feather placement.
taking notes
We love the die-hard note takers!!
Skinning pheasant.
wing placement
Wing placement.
Skinning ringneck.
Skinning mallard.
feather placement
Placing feathers.
class demo
Basic bird anatomy.
class photo
Skinning demo.
class photo
Skinning demo
class in progress
Starting birds.
Tips from instructor.
drying time
Gameheads from previous weeks drying & waiting for final grooming.

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